"I read “In The Rainbow” with the kids, and It was very hard for me to read out loud. I broke down a few times whilst reading and the kids where having to comfort me. It was reading the page when daddy wasn't coming home, when the tears started to flow. I think it was a mixture of both relating to the story with Andy (my wife and mother of our children) not coming home and also the fact that I knew Wes pretty well. I knew it was your story and it still breaks my heart. The kids asked a few questions and I tried to answer them the best I could.

I think the book is absolutely fantastic! Your illustrations blew me away and the kids loved them too. You should be so proud of yourself, “In The Rainbow” is amazing, I feel that whoever reads this book will greatly benefit from the story and there will be a lot of people that will be able to relate to it and also get a lot of help talking about the story to their kids.

When I was at Wes's Funeral, sitting with Andrea, I held it together pretty well until I looked at your kids and that's when my heart really broke. It broke for them, and you as well, but as adults we know that one day we will learn to live with the pain. Its harder when kids are involved and it breaks my heart to see your kids and my kids hurting inside.

I will read this book again and again to the kids and leave it around so they can pick it up and look at it whenever they want. Fantastic Book, amazing illustration's Wes would be so proud of you I know I am.

Well done."

Nathan Swan
Husband & Father

"I think all parents feel the tension between wanting to be open and honest with their children, and to also protect them from life’s difficult realities. This balance can be especially difficult for parents to navigate when it comes to the death of a close family member. Delivering clear and age-appropriate facts about death can help children to process this information and develop their own narrative of what has happened. Parents can foster their children’s ability to cope with devastating loss by acknowledging and normalising the complexity of their child’s emotions (such as sadness, anger, disbelief), and keeping this conversation open across time.  Resources such as story and picture books can help to facilitate conversations about death and loss, which can understandably be very difficult and emotional for parents. Books can be an essential communication tool about difficult topics when parents are struggling to find the ‘right’ words.

 Very few storybooks for children address the death of a parent from cancer, let alone brain cancer. Brain cancer presents unique challenges for families and “In the Rainbow” fills this gap beautifully. As well as being very useful for families, “In the Rainbow” can help other people in the child’s support network such as counsellors and school teachers open up conversations with the child about their parent’s death. “In the Rainbow” provides an invaluable scaffold for conversations about the complexity of emotions surrounding death and loss."


Brittany McGill
Clinical Psychologist, PhD candidate
Behavioural Sciences Unit
Kids Cancer Centre, Sydney Children's Hospital
School of Women's and Children's Health, Faculty of Medicine
The University of New South Wales


“My name is Shayne Cronin and I have been in Early Childhood Education for 25years. The last 9.5 years I have been the Centre Manager of Kids Club Torquay Early Learning Centre (Guardian Early Learning Group) and I am so lucky to have meet and worked with Tracey and her lovely boys for the last 5 years. Tracey is my hero and such an inspiration to myself and the team at Kids Club. I purchased Tracey’s book ‘In the Rainbow’ for our company’s additional 95 Early Learning centres across Australia as I felt it is the best resource an Early Learning Centre can have and use with families going through overwhelming times in their lives and events such as grief. I admire and respect Tracey Newnham and have personally supported her boys with art therapy, hope, understanding and support.

I highly recommend Tracey’s book “In The Rainbow” written and illustrated with pure love and emotion.”

Shane Cronin

  Operations Manager|VIC  - Guardian Early Learning Group